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Today's Real Estate market has many flaws

And AREX was born in order to fix them



Real Estate has associated one of the most inefficient and expensive transactions processes that exists nowadays



Property pricing is inefficient and arbitrary due to lack of proper asset valuation



Paperwork, bureaucracy and lack of accesibility affects negatively rotation and liquidity of Real Estate assets

This is Arex

By using blockchain & smart contract technology, we aim to be the first to create an international Real Estate market as liquid as stock markets are nowadays. We want to do this by creating a vertically integrated Real Estate tool that will benefit all the players in the Real Estate sector.

AREX´s Platform will provide our clients with the power to list and trade properties in the world's first International Real Estate Exchange.

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We understand Blockchain as an enabler, not as a solution itself

Digital Id

AREX´s Digital ID works identically as people national identity cards as it provides a document that allows individuals to securely access AREX's blockchain platform.

Document Certification

Store and certify any digital file on our platform. This process allows to legitimize the file at any time, with a time-stamped certificate, validating the transaction in the blockchain.

Digital Signature

AREX’s digital signature system for contracts helps corporations avoid document falsification guaranteeing document authenticity and participant´s identity.

Picture Verification

By taking a simple picture you can verify in AREX´s Blockchain the time and place where the picture was taken, allowing companies to have control over their assets and individuals to control the state of properties prior to investing in them

Property Management

Smart Renting serves to solve complexities in managing properties due to dependencies among landlords, tenants, property managers, and various vendors

Asset Tokenization

The process of tokenization of Real Estate assets results into a number of outcomes that transcend all stakeholders. This will help improve the liquidity, accesibility and efficiency of the market

A project like AREX requires a structured and ambicious, but realistic Roadmap

Q4 2018

Seed Round & implementation of our tools in national clients

Q1 2019

International rollout of services with the AREX exchange for institutional clients already developed and working

Q2 2019

Corporate network development. In order to give the best possible service, we need to create a solid and strong network

Q3 2019

International consolidation of AREX investment platform. Platform is open to general public

Q4 2019

Once the platform is validly tested and recognized internationally, the next step is to start forging alliances with regulators in order to make trading as easy as nowadays in the stock markets

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